Welcome to our website. Thanks for your long-term support. In order to return your help, we have launched Affiliate Program online.

We have the following two ways to earn commissions.

You can choose any of the following, we have instructions in the following ways

1SNS promotion

If you have a considerable number of followers / Subscribers to your YouTube channel, Twitch, Facebook or Twitter,

or you have a Website with a considerable number of visitors and searching for a Partner / Sponsor as Big as Lolga

How to Join LOLGA Sponsorship Program?

You just have to contact the Partnerships Development Manager by:

Email : [email protected]

Your email should be like this:

If we are interested in your channel, we will get in contact with you!

2LINK promotion
You only need to register in our affiliate center, then you will get an affiliate link & code,you can promote it all your friends.
Affiliate Register

If your friend buy any products from us via your link or code, you can get 10% commission of his order amount.

If your friend sell any products to us via your link or code, you can get 5% commission of his sell amount.

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As we have too many orders,please leave us for correct contact info, we will contact with you as soon as we can.