British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced the election in 2015, Mr. BBC African Footballer of the list of five candidates winning the Ivorian star Yaya - Toure led the four others are Aubameyang, Andre - Ayub, Brad Simi and Manet.

Award of the Year with the CAF African Player of the Year as compared to the award directly registered by the worldwide FIFA's 207 countries and territories fans voted, the fans who is the only judge. Historically, once played Henan Jianye Ge cartoon elected Mr. BBC African Footballer in 2012, and currently on the harbor front Pa Gian is obtained through this award in 2010.

Yaya - Toure has won the award in 2013, this year in February, helping the Ivorian Toure won the African Cup of Nations championship, Manchester City last season despite nothing being done, but Toure was shortlisted finalists. Brahimi was last year's winner of the BBC African best player in this year's nominations, he is still on the list, which should benefit from his excellent play in the Champions League last season, when Brahimi force to help in the Champions League Porto back to eight.

Aubameyang play this season for all to see, he is currently in the Bundesliga, scored 14 goals in all competitions under the H-20 ball, so play for Gabon striker to become Europe's top striker. Andre - Ayub Ghana national team and double core Swansea, who currently play in the Premier League is obvious, in this season against Chelsea and Manchester United in the game, has scored Ayoubi also recorded. Southampton also entered the general horse candidate within last season's game against Aston Villa, Senegal star in just 2 minutes and 56 seconds to complete a hat-trick, to create Premier League history.

Past attached BBC Africa Best player:

2014: Brahimi (Algeria)

2013: Yaya - Toure (Cote d'Ivoire)

2012: Cartoon Ge (Zambia)

2011: J. Ayew (Ghana)

2010: Gyan (Ghana)

2009: Didier Drogba (Côte d'Ivoire)

2008: Mohammed - Abu Teli Ka (Egypt)

2007: Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo)

2006: Michael Essien (Ghana)

2005: Barakat (Egypt)

2004: Okocha (Nigeria)

2003: Okocha (Nigeria)

2002: Diouf (Senegal)

2001: Kufuor (Ghana)

2000: Mboma (Cameroon)

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