Manchester City goalkeeper Joe - Hart told Sky Sports News that Sterling will use performance on the pitch hit back at those who mocked him severely Liverpool fans.

Sterling will face his former club for the first time on Saturday after a move away from Liverpool, Hart both club and country and Stirling worked as teammates, he said Sterling's attitude left a very deep impression.

Hart said: "Sterling is a very easygoing person, for the team is a good complement to his always laugh about everything, I was a fan of his, I will always support him or whether it was criticized. It is to give praise, he has the same face. "

"Sterling has been in the preseason some fans booed, because Liverpool fans all over the world, but now they should worry about the threat on the field of Stirling theirs."

"This is a very important game, we recently and Liverpool have played very hard, but at home we have the performance to be better. They replaced the head coach before, I believe that the return from international competitions and injuries The players will be very eager to race. We'll be ready. "

In addition, Hart also believes the arrival of Stirling's rich style of play Manchester City in the strong dialogue. He noted with Seville and Manchester United in the game, Manchester City on the use of unconventional tactics.

Hart said: "There are a few games this season we changed the style of play, especially in the Champions League and Sevilla in the game to get a good result, and we played Manchester United a war and in peacetime. not the same. "

Hart has seven games this season, keeping a clean sheet, is not the most clean sheets screening Premiership goalkeeper, the ball several Premier League Manchester City this season is second less. Although Hart's personal data and data is very good team, but last season's nothing being done still plagued by Hart.

Hart said: "We did not gain the championship in 2015, so obviously it's not a great season."

"My own state is very good now, me and our four defensive players have a good relationship, we played better. We now top ranked Premier League, as well as a champion of the tournament also possible, so that our current the situation is very good. 

2015/11/20 22:06:58