Former Red Army captain Steven Gerrard said in an interview recently, will not be signing with Liverpool or any other European team in the American League in the offseason.

After expiration of the contract with Liverpool, 35-year-old Gerrard in the summer to join the Los Angeles Galaxy to select and usher in his first offseason in the United States. The former captain of the Three Lions in the big leagues and can not be regarded as outstanding performance, he still needs a period of running. Recently, rumors Gerrard will return to Liverpool in the offseason, but the Reds boss Gerard Klopp has responded and will not return to Liverpool's stadium.

"I have quit the national team, so I do not need to go back, to prove himself in the European arena. I need a good rest for some time, because next year the season is very long, so I have to recharge your batteries during this time, adjust their status, ready to go. "effect when Liverpool, Steven Gerrard did not able to achieve their championship dreams, 710th old captain has been played regrets on behalf of the Red Army.

"If we can win the championship here, I'll be happy, but that does not make up for the previous regret before the experience did not win so I am very depressed disappointed, I can not let go of life. But it is also one of my goal and dream, I fight in the United States, won the top game. "

"I have to face their own, when the team did not win I have the responsibility, of course, want to win the Premier League is not so easy, because every year the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Mansour Manchester City, will invest a lot of money for the club. This Like Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal this team will be very negative. I think more of the equity in the big leagues, but I say this not to complain, because the rules of the game that way. "

2015/11/20 22:08:36