Liverpool coach Klopp said the Reds captain rejoin Henderson is expected next week to participate in part of the training.

The England midfielder in the middle of August training leg fracture, for which he has been sidelined ever since. Distance back from injury but fortunately he was getting closer, Klopp said:. "(Henderson) in good condition, maybe next week, he will attend part of the team training, we will wait and see, but his condition is really well."

"Nicolas has good news, his injury was not as severe as we initially expected we did not want to give a timetable! - You may have asked every day, but anyway, the time will not be back for Christmas in 2016 and now between 2016 and now! (laughter) This is good news, his injury is not too serious. "

With Houkeluopu also talked about the team's young midfielder Rossiter, this teenager injured in the previous match following the England youth team. "Slag t", said: "He will begin to participate in normal training team on Sunday that he would complete the rehabilitation work tomorrow, and participate in team training on Sunday.."

2015/11/20 22:10:07