The campaign before, Real Madrid last round of league defeat away to Sevilla, unbeaten this season, terminate, currently 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss ranked second in the league with 24 points; Barcelona last round of league matches 3 goals victory over yellow diving boats, now 9 wins and 2 losses 27 points ranked top of La Liga. On the history of the race the two teams clash a total of 230 times, Real Madrid 92 wins and 48 level 90 negative, both sides described as evenly matched, but in La Liga clash 170 games, Real Madrid 71 wins and 32 flat 67 negative slightly dominant. Two round clash last season, Real Madrid win 3-1, 2-1 victory over rivals Barcelona back home. The first half began, both sides will soon enter the state. The first seven minutes, Barcelona took the lead, Alba left the restricted area oblique plug, Suarez knock the ball inside the restricted area, volley Neymar floater higher goal. 2 minutes later, Real Madrid fired back, C Luo restricted the right of people had lost ball points, "Ma Ying-jeou," homeopathic foot cross perilous, Bravo saved the ball flying. The first 11 minutes, Barcelona away from home in the first to break the deadlock, the teenager Roberto ball to the top of the arc, then cleverly Zhise right side, no one guarding Suarez outside the instep of his right foot catapult score, 0-1! Su God into this season the first 10 La Liga personal goals, Sergi Roberto La Liga this season also contributed personal 4th assists, while Navas at the Bernabeu in a row without conceding a goal in 885 minutes recording also remain. The first 14 minutes, Barcelona comeback, white midfielder sent a long pass accuracy, within Roberto restricted the right of the ball knock, Rakitic towards the ball blasts above the goal. The first 23 minutes, Nei Maer restricted area before the break when J Lo is tripped, the latter therefore booked. Subsequently, Neymar takes the direct free kick goal lower right corner, but not strong enough to be easily Navas confiscated. After 1 minute, Roberto restricted area received within Rakitic pass, then foot volley over the bar. The first 27 minutes, Barcelona suffered heavy losses personnel, Mascherano injury can not adhere to the game, Mathieu off the bench. After 1 minute, Real Madrid before the market closing down successfully, J Luo Bravo brave foot volley was confiscated. The first 39 minutes, Barcelona scored again get left Iniesta floater sent straight scalpel-like, easily shoot after Neymar offside, the ball was rushed a bit Navas still rolled into the net, 0-2! "Within less" personal scored 12 La Liga goals this season, continues to lead the scorer. First half injury time, Barca again manufacturing scoring opportunities, Neymar and Suarez hit two had a match on the left side inside the penalty area, with the lower end Houneimaer back pass, Suarez Tui Road from the center, in Marcelo door line headed the ball with ease. Since then, the end of the first half, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid 2-0 lead.

Easy side battles the second half, the two sides did not substitutions. Real Madrid home game to strengthen the attack, the first 47 minutes, Marcelo assists to the left before the games, had lost Pique after foot volley hit the side net. After 2 minutes, J Luo top of the arc at the left foot volley, the ball was brave Bravo denied the bottom line. After 1 minute, Bell remote fired over the bar from outside the area. The first 52 minutes, Neymar takes the free kick left the restricted area before his penalty out of the ball around the wall and direct the upper left corner, the ball accurately determine Navas prolapse crossbar. The first 53 minutes, Barcelona again expand the lead, Iniesta restricted area before sent Zhise, Neymar floater back heel a knock, "white" timely forward runs towards the ball blasts, ball direct the upper right corner, 0-3! Iniesta scored his first three goals in his first 32 games in the Spanish National Derby. The first 55 minutes, Suarez restricted area on the left foot catapult hit the side net. Subsequently, the Real Madrid make adjustments, Isco replaced J Lo bench. 2 minutes later, Messi back from injury off the bench, replaced Rakitic. The first 61 minutes, before the restricted area off the bench Carvajal struck the column foot tease shot wide of the goal. The first 68 minutes, Real Madrid missed scoring opportunities, take advantage of opportunities to counterattack Bell sent precise oblique plug, after the formation of single-pole foot Tui within C Luo closed, Brouwer brave closed out the ball. 4 minutes later, Messi restricted area on the right ball, Suarez Ramos foot rub shot was blocked. The first 74 minutes, Barcelona again achieved the goal, Messi midfielder sent straight assists to the top of the arc at the Alba clever ball, Suarez formation of single face Navas Suarez use section Minato fool opponents, kick lob score, 0-4! Su God scored twice this season to reach 11 goals in La Liga. 3 minutes later, the teenager played Munir, who replaced Andres Iniesta, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid fans have a "white" brought applause. 81 minutes, Benzema header from the center penalty area flying saved by Bravo. After 2 minutes, Carbajal uprooting Neymar booked. After 1 minute, Isco field after kicking down the malicious Neymar, direct red card. Since then, the two sides no better opportunity. Final, Barcelona 4-0 away win over Real Madrid continue to lead the Primera Liga standings.

2015/11/21 20:22:54