Before the game, Liverpool has 6 consecutive games can not win Al Ittihad, the last win dates back to 2008. So Klopp can lead the Liverpool achieved victory on the road is one of the highlights of the game. Before Aguero has been back from injury, but also in the starting lineup. Manchester City's recent weakness of the offensive game situations should be able to greatly alleviated. Start of the race. The first seven minutes, Kudiniao Fanqiang successful before the court, in front of Phil Minnow bottom line return, but Mangala own goal, 0-1! Manchester City at home behind the accident. Since then Liverpool stepped up onslaught. Just a few minutes Liverpool repeated attacks are flagged for offside. The first 23 minutes, far point Kudiniao pick Phil Camino scalpel-like pass to the front easily Tuishe 0-2! Liverpool made a dream start. Manchester City defense Thereafter frequent mistakes, let Kudiniao and Phil minocycline as unhindered. The first 32 minutes, Coutinho breakthrough pass unmarked Phil Mino, Hart attack errors, Phil Mino push Kongmen succeeded, 0-3! This is Phil Camino scored the first goal for Liverpool. The first 35 minutes, Coutinho with a cross, Phil Mino shot Kankan deviate goal. The first 43 minutes, carat Rove steals, Manchester City hit back, Aguero face of defensive players long-range kick into the sky goal corners, 1-3! Manchester City pulled one back. Then the end of the first half, Manchester City 1-3 at home lags behind.

Easy side battles the second half, Manchester City to make substitutions adjustment, replaced substitute Fernandinho Deer Fu and Navas and Yaya Toure. The first 51 minutes, Coutinho try long shots but hit the defensive player who fly the bottom line. The first 60 minutes, then team-mate Phil Mino straight Tui was denied miss the opportunity to attack the Hart fell to the ground. The first 62 minutes, Manchester City a huge defensive neutral, after the formation of single-handedly after Kudiniao the ball past goalkeeper pushed Kongmen succeeded unfortunately offside. The first 64 minutes, Milner after Stirling steals back to the bottom position better Aguero, who shot but was saved by Mignolet flying. The first 66 minutes, Manchester City to make substitutions adjustment, Aguero was replaced. Subsequently, Kudiniao injury was replaced teenager Eby bench. The first 71 minutes, Liverpool corner, chaos Phil Mino Qiangdian shot but soft and weak to be easily Hart denied the first 76 minutes, coming off the bench this Turk replaced Phil Mino. The first 80 minutes, Liverpool get chance to counterattack, Eby cross in waiting this Turk, which is the formation of single but the shot was blocked Hart fell to the ground. The first 81 minutes, Liverpool corner. Corner out, grab a second placement Skrtel Bajiaonushe tag through the goal corners, 1-4! Liverpool will expand the score again. The first 85 minutes, Deer Fu long shots blocked, the first 90 minutes, Kolo - Toure replaced Lallana bench. In the end, Liverpool 4-1 away victory over Manchester City made this the focus of battle.

2015/11/21 20:26:21