Before this round, 7 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses standings Manchester United team being ranked fourth, two points away from the leader Manchester City gap, while Watford came in eleventh position. Opening the first nine minutes, Ashley - Young winger to the last point, but his teammates did not follow up in place. The first 11 minutes, Manchester United to score away from home, Herrera right from the ball, Memphis forward runs during flying Dianshe ball into the score became 0-1. The first 25 minutes, Herrera injured in the state without the ball, Rojo came off the bench to be replaced. The first 28 minutes, received a teammate within Shinaidelin restricted area small-angle volley hit the ferry headed higher. The first 40 minutes, Memphis restricted area outside the long-range saved by Gomes. End of the game the first half, Manchester United one goal lead temporarily.

Easy side battles, Watford made a substitution adjustments. The first 47 minutes, the restricted area within the Lin Jiade left foot hit the door was saved by the goalkeeper. 54 minutes, left the ball after Memphis cut shot hit high. The first 55 minutes, Mata corner, Schweinsteiger header top side. The first 56 minutes, Yi Haluo fell back pass Dini, who Degea follow up shot was saved. The first 68 minutes, after shaking the area within Memphis shot just wide. The first 71 minutes, Abdi received his teammates out of the corner great shot, Degea again to defuse dangerous situations. The first 79 minutes, Pereira Substitution of Mata. The first 84 minutes, before the restricted area arc Lin Jiade lob almost broke. The first 86 minutes, brought down inside the area Rojo Yiha Luo gave opponents a penalty, hit the door overnight Dini run-up ball into the penalty, the score became 1-1 in the last minute! Moyes, Manchester United left pass into the restricted area, Gomez defused a shot, but Schweinsteiger followed up small-angle Tui, the ball hit the net Dini leg, 1-2! With this goal final between Manchester United 2-1 lore Waterford three points.

2015/11/21 20:30:01