In the just-concluded national derby, Real Madrid 0-4 home defeat to 10 people Barcelona. 84 minutes, Isco ruthless kick Neymar's behavior so that he gains a red card, which is the Real Madrid this season's first red card.

83 minutes into the game when a big deficit to Real Madrid the field part of the team appeared not cool behavior, when Neymar left break, Carbajal no chance to grab the ball at the back of the case put shovel, was the main CD booked.

A minute later the same location, is a breakthrough Isco Neymar Neymar behind deliberately kicking knee, the initiative to apply for a red card in the referee's actions did not escape the eyes naturally, the referee subsequently direct red card penalty.

The last time the national derby at the Bernabeu Real Madrid captain red player Ramos.

2015/11/21 20:33:50