Patriots will kick off the MLB Red Sox

Today is the Boston baseball team Boston Red Sox new season first game, before the game in accordance with the traditional, Boston to bring the championship team New England Patriots sent four champion members and boss Robert - Kraft went to Fenway , Officially for the Boston fans show super Bowl trophy, and for the Red Sox kickoff.

Tom - Brady and James - White, Dion - Lewis and million fans Gronkowski With Cafu came to Fenway, in addition to other players outside the Gronkowski have put on their own Championship jerseys, and Tom - Brady even his piece from Mexico to find the No. 12 jersey also wear to the scene, the presence of five patriots on behalf of the staff a championship trophy, to show the glory of belonging to Boston.

And then also to a small episode, in Brady high that white championship jerseys to show people, when Gronkowski jumped directly from the top of the shirt to take away, Brady for this in Fenway And Gronkowski started some chase, and finally threw himself out of Gronkowski a record sack, the two small play aroused the scene of the fans a burst of cheers, but also let a lot of people worry about the grid Long Keshiji, after all, just recovered from the injury, participated in the WWE has been such a saddle Bridget is still very dangerous. But after Groner also said that his situation is very good, he believes that after 4 months of rehabilitation, he is ready to return to the court, return to training, return to the game. Whether or not this is the case, we at least understand the current state of the Geiger geometry.

After the jersey, Brady is also cheerful at the Fenway stadium to complete the kick-off announced the beginning of the new season, he will vote for the red socks second baseman Dustin - Pezhuoya. It is worth mentioning that the two relationship is good, they are living in Massachusetts, Brooklyn's neighbors, where the fenway from the very close.

Cowboy allows other teams to talk with Romo, willing to reach a deal

Today's Dallas Cowboy released the news that they allowed the other teams to contact the veteran quarterback Tony Roma in order to be able to get a better deal.

Of course, the Dallas Cowboys must be told before the other teams agree with Romo or their brokers. In fact, this means that the cowboy has the right to choose which teams can contact Romo, which teams can not touch. So that you want to get the team must be made to the Dallas Roma out of the appropriate offer to get the possibility of Romo.

In the previous NFL boss meeting, cowboy boss Jerry - Jones clearly said he did not allow other teams to direct contact with Tony - Romo, because it does not meet the cowboy before the attitude of the players. Previously Dallas Cowboys said the team will cut Tony - Romo, but now Romo is in a state of nobody, the cowboy for salary cap space considerations, and now will not cut the veteran, and other teams also Do not want to spend too much price to deal with a player who is about to resume free identity.

And if you want to complete the deal on Romo, then Romo must reorganize the current contract, and Jerry - Jones as Romo's friends is also trying to help him find the next home.

I will put Romo's interest in the first place, and how the next thing will go depends on Tony Roma's idea, Jerry Jones said. The closest team to Rohm is the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos, both of whom want a top quarterback to help the team hit higher honors, especially in the offseason Le Texas, but the two teams do not want to trade with the cowboy, they only want to become a free agent in the Rockets when he signed him, but in the denim out of such conditions, the two teams May have to study it.

Unemployed Tourists Lex - Ryan became NFL Analyst

Former NFL coach Lakers - Ryan will join a NFL program in September to become an NFL expert, the New York Jets and former head coach of Buffalo Bill, guest guest guest guest at Houston Super Bowl NFL official column, today officially joined ESPN.

Weekend Lakers - Ryan will be officially unveiled as an NFL analyst, who will give his performance to the Florida State University for a spring show, and Ryan is excited about the upcoming new career.

I will be a very different experience, I feel very excited .I was a 30-year coach, football is my life all, I will be the same fan as the game fanatical, I have been in this league for a long time. Already see through everything, I will show myself and find some fun. Lex - Ryan said.

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Ryan Ben was seen as a savior of Buffalo Bill, but he was fired only in the last game of the 2016 season, and in Bill's two years, Ryan led 15 wins and 16 losses, but failed to lead Into the playoffs. And in the jet he led a total of 46 wins and 50 losses record, repeatedly led the jet into the playoffs, and a total of 4 wins and 2 losses. He has a unique view of the defense, in the crow as a defensive coordinator in 2009 with the team won the Super Bowl trophy.

2017/4/10 9:22:09