Argentina "National newspaper" that Messi is willing to go to FIFA defense, his four ban is expected to be reduced to 2-3 games. Then the Barcelona media "World Sports" gives a different message: Messi needs to be considered, and then decide whether to travel to Switzerland.

Today, Kobe Radio latest disclosure: Messi will not go to Switzerland to FIFA admit mistakes, Messi I said: "If FIFA willing to commute for me, of course, if you do not want, I do not care.

In addition, the Argentine Football Association President (Tapi) want to Messi for the national team coach view, but also to Messi revealed the Argentine Football Association and Sang Paul Lee and Simoni conversation, but Messi did not want to express too much view, he responded Argentina Football Association chairman: "how the national team handsome, nothing to do with me."

Messi shocks Barcelona career for 500 balls

This week, Barcelona will be home to the European war Juventus, then the league off against Real Madrid. Messi is currently the total number of goals in Barcelona 498, Messi is expected to complete this week Barcelona goal of 500 goals. Messi's Barcelona ball took place (May 1, 2005: Barcelona-Albacete)

Messi in Barcelona 498 Ball Distribution:

La Liga: 341 balls

Champions League: 94 balls

King's Cup: 43 balls

European Super Cup: 3 balls

Spanish Super Cup: 12 balls

World Club Cup: 5 balls

Home: 282 balls

Away: 202 balls

Neutral Stadium: 14 balls

Single field 5 balls: 1 time

Single field 4 balls: 4 times

Single field 3 balls: 32 times

Single field 2 balls: 102 times

Messi wit "panda roll"

Barcelona 3-2 win over the royal society, Messi interesting scene was captured. At that time the game went to 20 minutes, Messi in front of a ball in front of the other goalkeeper collided, Messi sitting near the door line.

But the Barcelona attack is still in progress, Suarez had the ball ready to shoot, Messi to avoid Barcelona offside, a witty turn "let yourself out of the stadium." User joked that Messi this smart is "Messi panda roll"

Nei Maer: promotion opportunities only 1%, leaving 99% is running up

Nemal and the Brazilian legendary player Zico, yesterday to accept the Brazilian television station visit, Nei Maer said: "I want to reverse Juventus, we have to pay all the strength, if everything goes well, I believe I can come back again I believe that Barcelona, Also believe that the strength of Barcelona, ​​and the last situation with the Paris similar to the opportunity we cut only 1%, leaving 99% is running up, if you can get the gift of God, then the goal will naturally come.

Repurchase de Ulofiu, currently only a single idea of ​​Barcelona

Barcelona sports manager confirmed this summer's first goal is Deu Luo Feuwu, Barcelona will activate Deu Luo Fei Wu's repurchase terms, the players will return to the next season, Campo Nou Camp.

At present, the 22-year-old Deu Luo Feuwu (lease effect) AC Milan, the player belongs to the Premier League team Everton, Barcelona has 12 million euros in the summer of repurchase. But de Ulufi also has the power to refuse to return to Barcelona.

The current player did not express the idea of ​​willingness to return to Barcelona, ​​but said: "I am honored to get the attention of Barcelona." The recent hot news of de Ulofiu returned to Barcelona, ​​currently only stay in Barcelona unilaterally. Deu Luo Feuwu once again put on red and blue jersey? This must be achieved by the player's equal will.

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