Hutch Bianzhao! Barcelona Real Madrid play fast break steal the division Galaxy midfielder version "Explosion"

The first leg of the national derby of the season, the two sides will take what tactical approach to it? Barcelona will host the game, Real Madrid opportunistic fast-break model it? I'm afraid the answer is no, the two teams currently tactical play is gradually mutual assimilation, Real Madrid's possession, pass the number of the number of short passes were especially approaching Barcelona, passing success rate is overwhelming Barcelona, Galacticos started to like slow slow transfer organization, Barcelona scored more at the time of the pursuit of simple and fast.

Barcelona has been a big brother pass control of today's football camp, but this season, Enrique arm of this Barca in possession rate (65.3% to 61.5%), passing numbers (679.1 to 607.3), short pass number (628-554) and passing success rate (88.2% to 86%) showed a downward trend in terms of which the possession rate is up since the low of nearly six seasons (2013-2014 season, 63.8%, 64.9 2012-2013 season %, 65.5% of the 2011-2012 season, the 2010-2011 season 67.5%, 63.8% in 2009-10), the more the gap with a peak of 6 percent 2010-2011 season, the visible universe team in the transformation already under Enrique no longer as the pursuit of pure gravity ball like the old days.

In comparison, Real Madrid this four data compared with the previous season, but the overall upward trend showing, possession rate from 56.2 percent to 56.5 percent, the number of passes from 529.6 to 567.5, several short pass from 477-514, passing success rate from 86.3 to 87.5 percent, after three progress data more obvious, the shift, the gap between Real Madrid and Barcelona before 3 data of only five percent, 39.8 times, 77 times, passing success rate is complete counter-attack, 1.5 percent more than Barcelona, which is the first time in nearly a decade. Visible experienced the Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti marshal after two foreigners, especially the Spanish mainland or Real Madrid came Benitez's return, indeed to the Galacticos tactical play brought a certain degree of change.

Style swap from midfield strength graded?

This year's summer transfer period, Real Madrid from Inter Milan to introduce high-priced Croatia midfield star Heikki Zupančič, once triggered discussion in the media, that the sitting Modric, Cross, Isco, J Lo and other midfield players of Galacticos, then Nerazzurri playmaker pulled the array, there is overwhelming Barca midfield strength trend. However, Heikki Zupančič failed to firmly secured the main directly under the command of Benitez, the current league debut only eight times, including two starts, averaging only 29.3 times the number of passes, the reversal of the Real Madrid midfielder's contribution not Big.

Nevertheless, the Real Madrid midfielder's passing skill really has improved over the previous season, in addition to the above mentioned progress the team in passing and ball control data aspects of a single individual to see the players, but also showing this trend. We pass this season in La Liga top ten list as a reference. La Liga this season, passing among the top ten standings, Real Madrid and Barcelona each contribute three people, including two ace Cross and Real Madrid midfielder Modric are listed third and 7, each averaging 78.6 times and 66.8 times pass success rate of over 92%, two top ten finalists Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano and Iniesta, ranked 4th and 10, and under the Real.

This is in stark contrast to the situation last season, the Primera Liga last season, passing the top ten list of almost monopoly Barcelona, Alba, Busquets, Mascherano, Alves, Pique and Lionel Messi 6 per capita among the the top eight, Real Madrid side only German kings Cross one in the top ten (ranked No. 5, averaging 65.4 times, the success rate of 92.2%), from the huge disadvantage one pair of 6 to 3 on 3 equilibrium situation, Real Madrid progress in terms of obvious passing. If not to say the ability to control the midfield has gone beyond Barcelona, but has basically been matched with Barcelona.

The strength of the midfield teams close, there is another key evidence that the proportion of the middle attack. Barcelona nearly two seasons the proportion of middle attack remains unchanged, always staying at 32 percent, while the Real Madrid but has a significant progress, with only 28 percent last season ranked No. 6 this season was raised to 31 percent, ranking came second place, and Barcelona only 1% of the gap. Of course, to narrow the gap between the two sides, with limited manpower Barcelona this season, not unrelated, imported from Atletico Madrid Arda - Tulane not debut because of the FIFA ban, Rafinha injuries, Iniesta, Roberto and Rakitic has also suffered injuries, were only 3 large main "Professor cloth" remained healthy.

Barcelona VS Real Madrid continuous lightning fast break pass

Barcelona's attack this season, more emphasis on simple and fast, in addition to the Guardiola era survived the high closing down + fatal pass, Neymar and Suarez's presence and increasing understanding, but also makes Barcelona's counterattack has become more sharp, We have three goals in the most recent round of league Barca win Villarreal game, for example.

Cosmos scored the first three goals yellow submarine, is a typical anti-anti-fast-break. Bigfoot ball bang when Barcelona defender inside the penalty area to near midfield, yellow submarine players trying to siege not kicked, Neymar header near the middle point, Suarez-speed forward runs to the left sleeve side, close to the extension line of area, left the inside of the foot sent the ball in the arc accurate, instant high-speed back against the yellow submarine back line collapse, the next step is Neymar man show, abdomen unloading the ball, pick the right one to take advantage of each other and turned defender had lost his right foot volley, the whole process at one go, the clearance from defender to the ball network, when a total of 12 seconds.

Although Barcelona La Liga this season so there were only two counterattack goals (behind Getafe, tied for second in La Liga, Real Madrid only once), but Barcelona regained feeling before closing down, after the use of deadly Fanqiang Now straight to MSN aircraft gun complete the task, the effect is more obvious, more lightning speed while stealing a bell, such as the first ball against the yellow submarine, that is, after the midfield Fanqiang Professor cloth extremely accurate low-lying midfielder sent the ball long plug assists Neymar stopping Tuishe, therefore, said Barcelona's attack speed increase entirely evidence-based.

In contrast, Real Madrid, with the possession rate and enhance the success rate of passing, especially the increase in the number of short passes, the Galacticos have begun to find a bit of sense to control the ball. Real Madrid away to Espanyol bloodbath sixth ball, for example, is the team with the plus consecutive passes crystallization personal technology, Carbajal forward pass, cut inside the ball near the sideline teenager Vazquez, right corner near the restricted area Akira halo After the other side of the guard, pushed to the edge of the bell pull timely, then, Vazquez again cruising out from inside the penalty area, collusion Bell's cross, he had to knock the ball off a defender Chuandang in another defender came before plugging ball cross to the penalty area, the core team C Luo long bow Nock, the right foot blasts accomplishment. 5 feet 4 passes between the players, of which there are wonderful Vazquez shake and knock the ball extraordinary, indeed the entire attack mercury spilled in feeling.

World War on November 22, the two sides battle of wits coach bound, tactical thinking and anti constraints or constraints become the key to victory, then, regardless of rapid counter-attack or pass control type of offensive positions, as long as the change in exchange Goals back three-pointers, is the last word. As the saying goes, black or white, to mouse, it is a good cat.

2015/11/16 19:26:47