The just-concluded 13th round of the Premier League, Chelsea 1-0 win over Norwich, headed striker Diego - Costa break the scoring drought, the Blues player status has gone up, so that fans see hope.

After the match manager Jose Mourinho attended the press conference, he said:. "We are very sorry for the events happening in Paris in recent weeks, today the Stamford Bridge fans and players of silence to pay tribute to the victims, to show the power of unity of my personal you want to dedicate this victory the people around us, the team administrator Gary - Striker yesterday he lost his father, came to court today, did not fight side by side with us, I would like to dedicate this win to him, this that we all desire. "

"We should not remain on tenterhooks in the final four minutes, we should enjoy 2-0,3 last four minutes: Results 0 or 4-0, but we did not do what we once again encountered the same problem, we. played well does not mean that we entered a few balls, we should have scored three, four or five goals, but we did not do. The last five minutes we were under pressure, because that is the truth, I and the players are feeling the pressure, but we did a good job, keep a victory, it is clear we really need this win. "

"I did win the game after a sigh of relief, I did not feel nervous on the bench, but the process is somewhat disappointing game. Zuma's shot hit the crossbar, and if he did not hit the ball it will be a feed ball last four minutes I sat the bench, I thought maybe we should score a goal again. Indeed, now feel relaxed a little, but overall I'm happy for the players, they worked very hard and deserved this victory."

"Of course I know experts on Diego - reviews Costa, we know that when you can not get the feeling of scoring forwards, they will feel more heavy game you can not score, it will increase 5 kg weight and pressure. It will be even greater. "

"The first half of today's match Diego - Costa missed two chances, the second is a good chance that it is very important to him Diego - Costa work very seriously, he is a happy child, continues to make attempts, his attitude is very positive if I had to choose a man scored the winning ball, I would choose Diego - Costa "

"All things are interconnected, if the players are confident they will make a decision when the action more fluid, they can very well determine what kind of action and the number of touches he should be made to determine what time the ball, when the ball when the players lose confidence, will accordingly be disoriented, and Diego -. Costa can do better, but this goal is very important to him. "

The game teenager Kennedy starting debut, but the surprise is that he appears in the left back position. Mourinho explained his lineup: "Kennedy is an offensive player, he played the position today is not exactly a left-back before we played back four formation, the players did, against Manchester City when we. also played five back. I hope the players can adapt to a different position, if the other five kicks back, I can kick back three formation, let Kennedy served as a winger when they kick back four, we also know how they should respond. "

"I think every player played very well today, the interaction between Azar, Pedro and William frequent and smooth. Azar creates opportunities, it is very important for the team, he also gained the confidence. I once again reiterated that Adjara first few races this performance is not outstanding, every top player has played bad, but they are still feeling the ball better than anyone else. "

"We have to play game by game to game, the league top four is not an impossible task. Chelsea need to get more points from the top of the team standings middle position who, when some of the bad state of the team, to seize the opportunity to win, each team will have a bad state when, eventually into the top four is possible.

2015/11/21 20:46:12