"Thank God for giving us victory in this game, in the opponent's home win is very difficult to win so much more incredible. The game will go down in history, for all Barcelona fans that all will be good memories." Barca coach Enrique away win at Real Madrid after the game said in an interview.

Messi and Rakitic all back in the field, which Enrique said: "I had two of them were and talked to them a substitute for a starter was the best decision we think, and they were very understanding of this decision. "

Real poor performance in this game, which Enrique said:. "I never said Real Madrid will succumb to any opponent, but today we did better than their performance specifically, today we played more efficiently, which what we do better than the other place. "

Enrique and Roberto Iniesta also commented on the performance:. "Iniesta of Barcelona in just as valuable as human heritage, he is such a unique player, he deserves the applause of the fans Roberto It is the team of the lubricant, and you see his performance today, in the right wing position, he is a very good player. "

2015/11/21 20:48:53