Barcelona striker Suarez scored twice to help the team in the national derby victory over Real Madrid, after the game he said that there had not expected such a big score.

Suarez said: "We did not expect it to be 0-4 score we said it would be a difficult game, but we start from the first minute to do perfectly.."

Asked whether there really between the two teams this gap, Suarez said:. "Not by chance that there are many Real Madrid is one of the strongest teams in the world, but we seized the opportunity of their mistakes. "

Speaking Messi, Suarez said: "Messi Barcelona jersey to wear again participate in the competition, and the team has achieved this victory, he was very happy."

In addition, Suarez expressed Barca does not cling to fifth goal, he said:. "As the game progressed, we have the opportunity to score, but I do not particularly want to think Barca into the fifth ball."

Are Real Madrid has been eliminated in the league? Suarez replied: "No, we lead six minutes, but the league is still very long, Real Madrid is a great team."

2015/11/21 20:52:24