Local time on Saturday night, Rome in the league away game against Bologna, before it began to downpour, but still declared final referee Rocchi game as usual. In the course of the game, not the slightest rainfall decreases slippery site, severely limiting the play of the two teams. Eventually, the Roman rely on two penalties 2-2 tie with Bologna.

For the decision of the referee Rocchi, Roma coach after the game, Garcia expressed his dissatisfaction, he said: "For this game I have nothing to say, because this is not a game, but football's burlesque. on such grounds is not the game, it was a foot of water polo game. this is a scratch ticket, a party can win, we win or Bologna win, the game result is a draw. the only positive thing is that there is no people were injured. "

At a news conference, when a reporter asked whether Garcia had asked Rocky to suspend play when he answered in the affirmative.

2015/11/21 20:54:05