"The team's failure is not the attitude we face Barcelona is a very strong team. The chance of the second half Marcelo is a turning point in the game, if the ball into, we will be able to rejoin the race, but The fact is that more and more difficult game for us. We paid the price for their own mistakes. I think the team beginning in the second half showed enough desire to win, and today is not an appropriate time to talk about individual performance, we should reflect on their own No problem, together, the most important is to restore the state of the team. "Benitez said after the game the team's attitude.

For this field teams and player's performance, Benitez hopes to look ahead: "Whether win or fail, the players have to accept their share of responsibility in this way is obviously to lose people very uncomfortable, I am more. concern is how to make the team quickly out into the failure in the next game. In the intermission, we say how to improve the team's performance, the players also showed great desire to want to be able to regain the situation and, in the beginning of the second half the team performed well. Now we have to do is to make the team out of the shadow of defeat. "

Changes for the team in the lineup today, Benitez explained: "Our concept of the game is to attack, oppression, high closing down, so we chose to have this game experienced offensive players, but performance is not the best as everyone. I have done is to be able to inspire my team's ability to coach, in this case the players also have the ability to do better, so we should unite to find ways to revive the team. "

2015/11/21 20:57:09