Real Madrid 0-4 at home in the national derby defeat to Barcelona, ​​after the game, Marcelo apologized to the fans, and said they have the right to protest.

Marcelo said: "It is difficult, but we have experienced a more painful moment very sad because we are at home, the result is this game ... we were not able to do their job should not forget the game,. take a look at where we do well, and learn from it. First of all it should apologize to the fans, because they did not see that we want to do for them, we will continue our efforts. "

Marcelo went on to say: "We tried the ball, but Barca's style has always had, and today we want to do to snatch the ball, but it's hard to follow the ball we want to play an offensive football, but. impossible. "

Bernabeu fans even shouted "Florentino resign", which Marcelo said:. "When the game is not going well, when the fans booed the team has the right to protest or we do our best to win the game, sometimes not law to do, but we tried our best and now should continue its efforts to cheer up. "

2015/11/21 21:00:50