"This is a historic night, we are very pleased with this result. No one can imagine that we can win in four, the team demonstrated the epic show. We have changed the history of Barcelona, I am very pleased personally through it all these years we have two teams are evenly matched, but we are more than Real Madrid at the Bernabeu to win more games, I hope we can maintain this momentum. "Barcelona midfielder Busquets said after the game.

Busquets Messi welcome comeback: "Messi decided before the game as a substitute competition, which for the team and himself the world's best players are very good comeback is a great message, I hope he can soon find. back to the state, because we need him. "

For the league competition, Busquets said: "We currently have a six-point lead in the league, but we still have a difficult game to play, the other team will continue to keep the pressure on us."

2015/11/21 21:01:58