1 to 4, after the team lost to Liverpool, Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini said it was a disaster.

Mangala Oolong, Coutinho, Phil minocycline and Skrtel goal, at home to Manchester City suffered a heavy blow.

 After comeback Aguero scored a wonderful world wave, Delph also return to the game, but these are glorious defeat of shadowing the.

Pellegrini said: "Our performance incredibly difficult for me to understand why the team has played so bad, attack, defense, and the ball, I've never seen the team played so bad.."

Wear handsome half with Deer Fu and Fernandinho, replacing Toure and Navas, he said they did not regret that decision, and added: "I do not explain the first episode of the employer, so do I so choose This is not a personal problem, it was a complete disaster, it is for the team. "

"I am very satisfied with the first, not only Toure and Navas, we tried another style of play, such as high closing down, however, as a result, it is not part of our night."

Manchester City have the chance to close the gap in the second half, Aguero and Fernando have a great threat to the other side of Joe Hart brave play to preserve the clean sheet, which is all very confusing to coach, he said: "We did not create too many chances, lost four balls, and also more likely to throw the ball, it is difficult to understand. "

"We need to turn the page as soon as possible, so that performance is not normal, we need to consider what the future holds, we have a very important game on Wednesday, the football world will always have this happen."

2015/11/21 21:04:55