Barcelona players Rakitic in the national derby against Real Madrid back injury after the game he was happy for the team to win.

Rakitic said: "We all really enjoy, not just because of the result, as well as 90 minutes of course we did a wonderful job, we deserved this result but we know there's still a lot of difficult. game, we will enjoy this moment, and then properly prepare the next game. "

Asked if he grew up in the game against Real Madrid, Rakitic said: "We hope to do their work in all of the games, we are Barcelona, ​​we have been playing all this today is very much. special day, we are the most people who want to enjoy the victory. "

Talk about himself, Rakitic said: "I feel good, I feel very perfect when played today, the most important thing is that I can help the team."

Messi's return in this game, "he is an important player, thank God he came back again. He's hurt than I weight, he needs more time, but we all know his importance He is the most important. "

Finally, it comes to Barca now lead Real Madrid six points, Rakitic commented: "Yes, this is a good result for us for the next game, but now only in November, and there are a lot of tough competition We must prepare these games. "

2015/11/21 21:17:05