Knight away against the Pistons, LeBron start performance wonders, the first section of 3 minutes 05 seconds, LeBron pick the right corner hit the third ball, which is his campaign to get the first 10 minutes, it career scoring total came to 25,193 points, surpassing the Lakers legend Jerry - West (25192 points), rose to 19 in league history. A week ago, LeBron in the game against the 76ers scored 25,000 career points, surpassing Kobe Bryant became the youngest NBA history, Mr. 25,000 points, and now and then over the West, the next goal is to rank 18 of the Pacers legend Reggie - Miller (25,279 points).

Before the war when the double-overtime loss to the Bucks, LeBron under the H-37 points 12 rebounds and five assists, he began Glenealy 17 points and two assists from the last five minutes of normal time, not been able to save Knight veering new season 10 before the war, LeBron averages 27 points 6.4 rebounds and 6.8 assists, he is still attacking in the squad, organizations face it, Lufkin, helping Petit offered him more than enough.

After the 8-game winning streak end, LeBron said he still believes teammate Bode coach Sepp Blatter praised the move, handsome cloth, said LeBron is on the court mathematician, always able to see things quickly analyze and draw solution. About Knight, the other good news is that Irwin has also resumed weight training, though his comeback there is no specific timetable, but at least LeBron can continue to be assured to hand over power to further enhance the performance of his teammates before the Irwin return.

2015/11/17 20:46:45