"This is for us a very difficult time, we had thought would never played so bad, but we still learn something from losing. We played really bad, I do not know how a. this is not a question of attitude, but on the pitch we played like a team but we gave Barca the ball too much space, in this case Barcelona is very strong. only when we unite together to fight when we are the powerful, but this is not the first time to play in such a way. "Modric after the game for the team's performance is very satisfactory.

The Magic Flute and reluctant to make too many fans booed assessment: "The fans are not satisfied with the team's performance is normal, they have the right to boo the team, we should also criticized by fans."

But Modric still expressed optimism about the future: "After this defeat we should show the team's characteristics: We are Real Madrid, we will not give in."

2015/11/21 21:20:17