Start of the race 3 minutes, Juve 25 meters before the games kick opportunities, Di Bala shot was he denied the wall, then shot Hernanes ball slightly over the bar. 3 minutes later, Milan also won a shot opportunity, Kucka line in the penalty area left foot volley hit the door slightly higher. The first 25 minutes, Juve once again usher in scoring chances, Marchisio inside the arc cut the forefront of the left foot hit the door was Dona Ruma Cepu confiscated. Three minutes later, Juve were forced to make substitutions adjustment, Evra was substituted injured Sandro. The first 37 minutes, Juve again manufactured by long-range threat. Hernanes closed front feints Akira angle, direct lift left foot shot burst is still over the bar. The first 40 minutes, Dona Ruma God flutter, Hernanes 30 meters away from the door any ball door, hit the ball in Alex's head to produce variable line, but Dona Ruma quick to respond calmly to defuse swoop . Thereafter halftime, the two sides goalless draw.

The second half Easy side. The first 53 minutes, Kuci Ka Road header from the center slightly wide of the right column. After 1 minute, Sandro left the restricted area volley just over the bar, Dona Ruma scared out in a cold sweat. The first 62 minutes, Boba 30 meters outside the area long-range Dona Ruma, care bottom line. The first 65 minutes, Di Bala Juventus to break the deadlock, Boba left side cross, Sandro beyond Abate crosses for Di Bala before the point of cold air volley, 1-0! Juventus lead. The first 70 minutes, close to Kuci Ka penalty points volley over the bar. The first 80 minutes, Morata replaced goal hero Di Bala bench. After 5 minutes, Keisuke Honda, who replaced Niang played. Before the end of the whistle, Man Zhu Qi front from a header above the goal. Since then, the two sides no better opportunity. Final, Juventus 1-0 victory over AC Milan.

2015/11/21 21:24:02