After the 4-1 away victory over Manchester City, Liverpool coach Klopp said his team's performance was very satisfactory, but he also played the Reds believe this better.

The game, Mangala Oolong make war Away Liverpool took the lead. Subsequently, Kudiniao with Phil minoxidil which the Red Army destroyed the frontcourt Manchester City's defense, though the Blue Moon With Argentine star Aguero's goal to restore a glimmer face, but the Reds defender Skrtel in the second half The score locked at 4-1. Losing the game also makes Manchester City in the standings slipped from first to third.

After the match, Klopp said: "This game makes one feel very satisfied, but whether this is the best performance in Liverpool, I'm not sure, I rarely take the game and other games we played well tonight compared. , but not perfect, because we can also defend their lives better, leading 3-0 in the case of better control of the game. But when you get to face Manchester City in a 4-1, you should be very performance Excellent - really is a great performance, we deserved to win. "

"Before the game we are trying to do is analyze the opponent, to identify their greatest strengths lie, and what we can do to make the opponent feel uncomfortable, and then we strive to do so. This is very important in the football world, the more your opponent well, you do such a thing is more important. Before the game Manchester City ranking standings, so now they are the best team in England. "

"We must find a way to give them trouble, and that is what we have done things in the game while the other key point is that if you (the high) and grabbed the ball, then you are not far from the opponents goal, and that of course, it is very important. We have been doing similar things, but not always static. "

Phil Neville Camino outstanding performance, his frontcourt and Kudiniao Manchester City defense will tear to pieces. For the performance of the Brazilian players, Klopp said: "A few weeks ago I told you, I know the strength of his Phil minoxidil without interfering with the team trained together for 10-12 days. , it is very important. "

"He has remained in Melwood training base, Coutinho is true that today we discharge this formation the reason we try to arrange that at least 12 days of training with the players play. Phil Mino certainly played a good match. "

After Liverpool coach Klopp, he led the team scored 4 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss record. The German coach said this:. "Liverpool, it is important not to change, it is important to make progress, but we have to improve race that is what I said at the outset, we need to be able to talk about common Experience that is why I would say that tonight we can do better in many ways - perhaps this does not include defensive back, because we have done very well in this regard, but the more we can defend better, believe in yourself the power of."

"In the intermission, I said to the lads, I feel they made a little surprised that they can lead in Al Ittihad that we have to learn - in the football world, if you have the strength, leading is normal and we do have strength, you can get ahead in the score, but our defense can do better than the first half last 10 minutes. "

2015/11/21 21:36:30