Liverpool striker Sturridge said that although each will get back to Al Ittihad fans booed, but the old club Manchester City a place in his mind forever.

Sturridge at the age of 13 to join Manchester City youth team, then he played for the Blue Moon first team 21 times, until in 2009 went to Chelsea on a free transfer. This weekend, Liverpool 4-1 away victory over Manchester City. And before Sturridge also talked about his love of the Blue Moon.

He said: "Manchester City is a big club, they achieved great success in the past few seasons they used me and my family who have done a lot, regardless of whether their fans booed me, but Manchester City. has been in my mind, of course they'll like this, every time. They think I left it for the money, but I got the feeling waits for no man, when Manchester City bought a lot of center, I feel I have 7-8 players and play the same position, So I do not think they'll have a chance there. "

"I never leave it for the money, when I left, Manchester City has one of the world's richest club and I look forward to get to play this weekend, we'll see how the situation, it would be great day. "

Subsequently, Sturridge has talked about his team in Iraq than friends, he said:. "Eby is my brother, I have to protect him as much as I like him, I may not be able to have a spur me every day, help me progress in the players. And that's what I strive for Iraq than doing things. "

"I would never move to Manchester City or from Stirling Eby become among the main credit for Liverpool, but I will say that I still keep in touch with Stirling and performed well when he said to him, 'Well done. 'He was playing for Liverpool or Manchester City football is not important, important is the friendship between you, and to help them as much as possible to become outstanding. "

2015/11/21 21:38:24