After losing big score Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid top Butragueno also made an analysis of the game.

"They grasped the opportunity in the first three twice, the second half began the organic phase we will score becomes 1-2, which could make the second half of the game becomes different. Barca played very well, they are indeed better party, it is difficult too. The game is the way they quickly made a goal, the ball is very secure, the race very difficult from the outset. "


"Their pressure is very effective. We know they will high closing down, but if we succeed, then it is to break our offense is very beneficial, but in fact they let us played very hard. They took the lead into the wonderful ball since then they have played very well in the field. "

Real Madrid's poor performance

"We do not want to find excuses, Barcelona played better now after the great sorrow, we must calm down and reflect on their own, united as one, so that we can out of the shadows."

Boos and "Florentino class"

"In this sad night, all supported Real Madrid's people are very disappointed the team failed to show their strength, our fans demanding that they in some way to express his disappointment. We respect the views of the fans and feel, we have to play better, get better results of the competition in front of our opponents are a team full of spirituality. "

Confidence in Benitez

"We now have to remain completely calm, cool and now is the time for reflection, when we are losing at fault."

2015/11/21 21:41:11