Kobe or difficult to hang on until February in the industry do its utmost to respect Peter Pan is also useless

Recently, the famous basketball reporter Sam - Amico visited a number of league executives, asking them to talk about the Lakers and Kobe Bryant Status view. The Lakers are now only 2 wins and 9 losses, and Kobe Bryant in the previous game against the Pistons played nearly 37 minutes after the game said he got difficult, so he also missed the last game against the Suns, the Lakers suffered a defeat.

Executives are pessimistic basic attitude, a team manager even said he was skeptical whether Bryant healthy kick this season, said:. "I do not think he can sustain to February next year."

Some team executives also believe that Kobe Bryant do not hesitate, next year is for their own retirement, the Lakers the best choice. "He can not stay past this season is a problem," a senior said, "Do you have to tell me that he will be stronger next season it?"

But the executives also said that as long as someone is willing to continue to give Bryant a contract, there is no problem that he did not retire. "On one hand, I think he is still able to have the opportunity to contribute in some red crown of the team, but that is definitely not the Lakers, but on the other hand, I also admire him for the team said he would never outside of the Lakers He's really loyal to management. "

"I think Kobe would never do that averaged 4 points and 4 rebounds guy, just like Kevin Garnett as his team boss's position too seriously, he should also know that they have no time."

Another team manager, said: "I hope I'm wrong, because who does not admire warrior but now he has nowhere to go, only downhill in his body had told him it was time to leave?.."

In talking about the healthy Bryant finished the season, the manager said: "No, I do not think so."

Bryant averaged 16.9 points, but shot just 33.6 percent, even lower than last season, while the third hit rate is still not picked up, only 23.3%. To overcome his physical ailments, the successful transformation of play is indeed very difficult, after all, he has 20 in the league campaign season.

"No matter what happens, we can not deny that Bryant's achievements in this league." A general manager, said, "I'm not sure he can finish the season healthy, but I can assure you, every cell of his body will be struggle in the end. "

2015/11/18 0:50:07