Verona team for their injury, they finally ushered in good news, veteran striker Luca - Toni after a lapse of two months finally rejoin the squad selected for the game against Naples.

Beijing on November 22 at 19:30 at night, Verona will be at home against Napoli, veteran Tony finally back from injury.

Although already 38 years old, but Tony still got it last season with 22 goals and won the Serie together Ica Jordi's top scorer, became the biggest-ever Serie A Golden Boot winner age, also Verona club history as the first player to get the best shooter.

However, because of knee ligament damage, since September 20, the veteran has been hanging fight card. But before the game against Napoli round, Tony finally healed rejoin.

However, there are still several players Verona array missed, including eo Bonita, Marquis, Romulo, Sarah, Viviani and Matuzalem.

2015/11/21 21:44:22