After the 1-0 defeat at AC Milan coach Allegri admitted that Juventus's performance is not good, but very stable.

"This is a very complicated game, because Milan defense did well, gave us trouble. At the same time, we should better pass between each front, the team did not perform well, but very stable, "Allegri told the media after the game. "The important thing is to win, and in the standings ahead of Milan. I hope we can get good results in Wednesday's Champions League game against Manchester City."

"In addition Qieer Qi shot, we do not allow the opponent to identify the goal, but in the final mass shooting regard, we still have to be improved, can not be too impatient. But at least we get back the results of stability, which is essential. This is After the game against Atlanta, our second zero closure opponents at home. Maybe it's not a good game, but the stability is also very important. "

"Unfortunately, because of injury, I was forced to make two substitutions, Patrice Evra and Hernanes had to end. I intend to set up an attacking midfielder, but Hernanes did not get much in the middle of room to maneuver. "

"Marchisio is to regain their status, Stu La and Man Zhu Keech played well. Boba did a great job to help the team made a goal, but then fell into the crowd melee. "

Di Bala scored the game-winning goal, Allegri whether the Argentina striker finally realized that this can stir up the offensive line of the beam Wenfeng? "I have always been confident of his strength, but he needs time to adapt, this is normal. Di Bala is growing among his outstanding abilities, between the two front played very well. He is very hard work that in time will be a very great striker. His physical condition is changing them, you can see the difference in his legs. "

2015/11/21 21:51:19