After the creation of the Premier League tied Ruud continuous scoring record, the name of the great Val Acknowledgments Dutch striker.

Friday, Ruud van Nistelrooy on social networks expressed are chasing their own record of Val di blessing, which really did not let him down. Beat Newcastle after the game, Valdivia told Sky Sports: "I keep getting Ruud information, which is us playing field, in fact, he does not need to do this."

If Valdivia next game Old Trafford goal, the former Manchester United striker will be able to officially break the record. In this regard, he said: "We will see now I just need to return to the training field, in accordance with the original plan to continue training and hope to have good results."

"More importantly, the team scored three points and maintain zero closure. Every game should be so, achieve goals while maintaining a solid defense. We have a never-say-die spirit, every game will be fighting to the last minute."

From amateur players to the Premier League top scorer, a reporter asked Valdivia will not want to pinch myself to wake up, to prevent all just a dream, Val replied: "! I have to do every day."

2015/11/21 21:53:25