St James' Park after a 3-0 sweep of Newcastle, Leicester temporarily come standings. After the game, coach Claudio Ranieri proud of the team's unity and focus on recognition of Valdivia.

Ranieri said: "I am very proud of the players in close cooperation, is a full team in international competitions in the future but also to see such a beautiful performance, I am quite satisfied.."

Ranieri also emphatically praised the team's top scorer Valdivia, who had just tied Ruud 10 consecutive Premier League games scoring record. "No coach and player can not be happy to have a goal scorer, which he himself and other people are good. He is now confident, but also great confidence in his teammates, when he will be able to create opportunities for the ball."

Arsenal and Manchester City at the same time due to the loss, 1 point ahead of Manchester United Leicester City occupy the top of the standings. However, Ranieri has said nothing about the championship of the topic, saying only that:.. "I enjoyed the taste at the top we will continue to work hard, the most important thing is to concentrate all out coach is always happy to see their own team excellent performance. "

2015/11/21 21:59:16