After the 0-1 defeat to Juventus, AC Milan coach Mihajlovic think the team is too cautious, afraid to venture forward and attack.

Argentine Di Bala scored the only goal of the whole match, but Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in the first 93 minutes only to make a real fighting, he denied the Qieer Qi long shots.

"In the competition among, especially in the first half, we made too many mistakes in the ball, then get the opportunity to counter-attack when also a mistake. We have sent down his strongest attack combinations, contradictions that we are doing very well on defense, it should be more into attack them. "Michal told Sky Sport Italia. "We must continue to work hard to understand the difficulties, but also can greatly enhance the team in Turin against Juventus is always difficult, we lost the game, but will be ready for the next game."

Today Milan discharged Trident offensive combination, Niang's performance gives the left a deep impression. "Perpignan's defense did a good job, but as a striker, you also need to do more in the attack. It's just four or five months in his second game, still we need to improve the physical condition, so you can also take for more sharpness. I demand winger to sacrifice for the team, so they need stamina and hold sharpness, so they can be more efficient in front of goal. "

After losing this round of competition, Milan ended five consecutive games unbeaten record, but in the last round of the league they have been goalless draw at home to Atlanta 0-0, the most recent manifestations of the fall.

"Our players can take responsibility, but we need more courage reached the other side of the box. It may be wrong, but you have to try, but sometimes we choose a return in the face of this situation, we should directly compete with rivals. It is our duty to let winger free play, can show their characteristics in connection with a defender one on 

2015/11/21 23:20:33