South American World Cup qualifier battle to a draw away to Argentina, Colombia. Bigeliya outflank broke back in the first half, easy side battles, Di Bala shot hit the post missed the best opportunity to expand the score. Cruised to the final audience, Argentina 1-0 victory over Colombia, the harvest of the first World Cup victory.

The first three minutes, the Argentine rescue corner near, J Luo restricted area arc volley missed. The first 12 minutes, Mary left cross knock, Higuain closed road outflank actually hit the ball high. The first 21 minutes, Argentina backcourt steals back, then forward pass Ravitch reached after restricted the right of cross-knock, after the point of outflanking Bigeliya broke, 1-0! The first 25 minutes, Bigeliya road straight plug, Mary Zapata speed plug is down, the latter booked. The first 34 minutes, J Luo long pass restricted, Romero has Otamendi and rescue mistakes, but threw the ball door together Gutierrez was back on defense and timely Romero both man and ball. Colombian players protested but the referee did not make representation. The first 42 minutes, Higuain sent subtle Zhise, Di Maria broke into the closed form single-handedly, but he hit the door wide of the right goal post. Half of Harding Park, Argentina lead.

Easy side battles, Colombia replaced by Muriel M- Torres. The first 47 minutes, Banega breakthrough to the restricted area hit the door ribs, Ospina first time fighting to get rid of, but fortunately got up in time to catch the ball in front of Mary confiscated blank range. The first 51 minutes, Muriel buckle Bigeliya volley left the restricted area, the ball struck the flying column. The first 58 minutes, Muriel put back in the long-range anti-aircraft guns. The first 63 minutes, J Luo free kick hit the man on the wall the target, then a corner of Colombia, Cardona put a long-range anti-aircraft guns. The first 67 minutes, try again Murillo extraordinary volley, the ball wide of the upper right corner. The first 68 minutes, Palacios kicked Ravitch booked. The first 70 minutes, long-range attempt Cardona peripheral Romero confiscated. The first 79 minutes, Mei Kaer more injured and carried off a stretcher, Pei Luzi go into battle. The first 81 minutes, Banega Zhise, Di Bala single-handedly Tuishe, but the linesman offside penalty, disallowed the goal. The first 86 minutes, Ravitch was Enzo - Perez replaced, Ravitch because the delay was also shown the yellow card. The first 90 minutes, Banega oblique Sepe Cruz, after the latter broke into restricted the right of cross-knock, Di Bala turned to volley hit the left post. Cruised to the final audience, Argentina beat Colombia 1-0, harvest a key three points. The first three minutes of stoppage time, Romero attack errors, J Lo grab the bottom line before the ball hook the ball back, but Ramos shot Cardona and have failed to translate into goals. He cruised to the final audience, Argentina 1-0 victory over Argentina, the harvest of the first World Cup victory.


Colombia (4-4-2): 1 - Ospina / 18- Fabra 22-Murillo, 2 Zapata, 18 Palacios / 16-D- Torres, 15 Meiji Ya (78 'Ramos), 10-J Lo, 20-M- Torres (46' Muriel) / 21- Gutierrez (58 'Cardona), 7-Baca

Argentina (4-3-3): 1 - Romero / 16-Rojo, 13 Murray, 17 Otamendi, 3- Mei Kaer more (79 'Pei Luzi) / 14- Javier Zambrano, 6 Bigeliya, 19- Banega / 22- Ravitch (85'8- Enzo - Perez), 9 Higuain (70 'Di Bala), 10-Di Mary

2015/11/18 1:34:10