Benitez was 4-0 Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, Suarez, Neymar and Iniesta's goal to become Barcelona conquered the Bernabeu Trophy. This game victory to make Enrique teams in the standings with Real Madrid opened six points, while Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez is facing great pressure. But the former Barcelona player Henry quickly stood out in support of Benitez, considered the results of the game only to Real Madrid players concerned.

"This game is not a tactical problem," he told Sky Sports, said: "The players need to have a strong desire to win, you need to have a sense of responsibility, but also a need for a moderate tension but the game is not the case in this game. After we will certainly talk about Benitez and his tactics. Tactical teams are only in the desire to win, players have to take responsibility when they could get to play. If the team's lack of desire to win, then it is for the coach It is a very difficult problem. I'm not making excuses for Benitez, but the first and most important is that you can put this desire to play. In the field, you can see the difference between these two teams. This is a collective thing. might Benitez will assume the fault, but after all, is the team's defeat, they did not kick a good game. "

Barcelona firmly grasp the situation in the field, get 10 wins in the last 15 games against Real Madrid. Henry, the former Barcelona player, full of praise for Barca and Barca's performance so that the concept of race, Real Madrid fans are sad. . "For a moment I looked at the game, thinking quickly stopped the game because too many goals I enjoyed watching the game - do not misunderstood what I mean, if you love football, you'll enjoy this game. But there is one thing I would like to mention, is that people often mentioned, when Barcelona players pass the ball so precise. They give each other pressure, with front very closely in the backcourt, this situation the players is very comfortable. They never give up, trying to help his teammates. "

"You can see Busquets has a foul in 91 minutes, the score of this there may be 4-1, but eventually fixed in strict discipline and proper tension 4-0. Is the key to the team victory. We see Suarez actively running in the field, Neymar efforts to get a chance, Iniesta organized attack, when the performance of these players are motivated to do better rest of the team. We praise on Barcelona's never enough. "

2015/11/21 23:21:50