Schalke coach Breitenreiter 1-3 defeat to Bayern Munich in the team after the game, said the game is not that they have no chance.

In an interview, Breitenreiter said: "We are disappointed with the results, the players played very well, we kicked out of their own tactics, five guards and tactics team in the game against Bayern is a strong offensive player making. "

Breitenreiter continued: "We do not frustrating at 0-1, but by the Sane Mayr assists to tie the score, they fit perfectly, and before the end of the first half, we have some chance of the second half and we are very a long time did not give Bayern a chance, but they are Bayern Munich, as long as there is a chance, we can grasp, we are more aggressive after that and was almost successful, but Matip could not score. "

2015/11/22 19:41:39