Cahill Chelsea are ready to arrange full-time security personnel related to Israel responded with full confidence. Tuesday, Mourinho's team went to Israel will prepare for the road against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League group stage, while Chelsea officials warned that the country is in the height of the threat from terrorist attacks.

However, this team defender, but insisted: "I think you have to trust professionals who understand the actual situation is more, they will make more rational decisions in England's friendly against France the same day, security personnel. work very well, we decided to continue the game is very correct. "

Cahill added: "If we win that game, then we match at home to FC Porto will decide who will top the group final for us, in the league start and adverse circumstances, we need. in the Champions League as much as possible to achieve good results. "

"Since I joined Chelsea in 2012, this season was very difficult for me, because we now have achieved far less than external expectations, we are in unfavorable situation in the league. But we are trying to complete an incredible thing, and that is to win the Champions League title. But now the most important is to start the group stage appears. "

2015/11/22 19:47:10