Arsenal legend David - Seaman think Cech can inspire the team, even to lead the Gunners won the championship.

"His trophies than me," Seaman said: "He has won all the honors at Chelsea and Arsenal in the last few years did not win anything, okay, two FA.."

"So show the club to introduce these star players on the team build good lineup, January transfer window, we also need some other players like Cech."

"You would think Cech should continue playing in the Champions League, Arsenal only theoretically even now appears possible. For me, is the top goalkeeper Petr Cech, he and those who, like the world's best goalkeeper. He can bring calm to the defense, he is a steady goalkeeper, he does not make mistakes. He's not the kind of blame back line or goalkeeper to do such things. There are such a player when behind the defense will be more confident, I saw He and the defense and now have the same point I was. "

"The present situation is the team that changed the target to focus up the league, the Champions League has not in their fingertips up. But look at the Premiership, can be resolved as long as the injuries, they have the opportunity to champion."

2015/11/22 19:56:02