Liverpool's 1-4 defeat at home to Manchester City after the game, as the Sky Sports commentary guests Lampard believes Manchester City game show for the excessive dependence of some key players.The game, captain Compagni and playmaker David - Silva both absent, the visiting team will be 3-0 after half an hour advantage in Al Ittihad Stadium. Manchester City is missing both of them not only offensive clueless, defense is a mess.Lampard believes Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany is indispensable captain, it was his absence led to the tragedy of Manchester City start performance.

Lampard said: "Manchester City is far from the state to come up with the best, especially 10 minutes before the game, the players are the same in the field for a walk in the game they had rarely played together using two defender, captain's absence soon. let them taste the bitter fruit. ""They should forget this game as soon as possible, absolutely nothing worth remembering. But look at the standings, they are still a strong contender for the league title."

"I do not think it would be their champion, what impact prospects, although the game they exposed some problems when Compagni not, you can see how their performance was poor defense."In addition to Compagni, Lampard believes Manchester City for Yaya - Toure also has great dependence, once the Ivorian people not in the best condition, Manchester City will be very difficult.Lampard said: "Yaya - Toure is indispensable Manchester City player, if he is not in the best condition Best, Manchester City will be a problem."In addition, Manchester City Lampard also how in the absence of Silva and Aguero expressed concern about winning. Although Aguero starting to play the game, and before the end of the first half for Manchester City scored a face-saving goal.

"David - Silva still sidelined with injuries, he is too important for Manchester City Aguero is the same, he is a world-class striker, when he is not present, I do not know what method the points of Manchester City. . "The game is at home to Manchester City for the first time the league lost four goals in a single game since 2003, but Lampard believes the Blue Moon still win the Premiership title next season, as long as they are able to solve these problems as soon as possible."If they can solve problems 2-3 above, they can back on track, I believe they are still the number one popular champion. If not, I think today's results will appear again." "

2015/11/22 19:57:49