In this weekend's Greek league, two located League top two teams in Athens, the home team visiting team Panathinaikos and Olympiakos city Derby, irrational because the fans before the game on the court to throw fireworks and other acts of violence, resulting in the game had to be temporarily canceled.

At that time in the stadium, a burning fireworks were thrown at the foot of Olympiakos striker Alfred-Finnbogason, but the player and his teammates had to flee to the locker room.

Although Olympiacos player was not injured in the incident, but the team decided not to let the players into the venue warm-up training, and asking the officials to immediately cancel the games. But the home team Panathinaikos has said, because there is no injury, so the game should be continued. At the same time they promise, if there is any such thing happens, the game will be canceled.

However, even in the game was delayed one hour later, the Football Association official still send the referee announced the cancellation of the games. Subsequently, the riots continue to start the upgrade, the home fans were canceled because of dissatisfaction with the game, began to enter into the interior stadium, some fans and local police tussle together, and fireworks rockets fired by riot police. As a response, the police to the crowd threw smoke bombs and tear gas.

After the riots, the league has no official confirmation of the result of the match. But they have announced that the game will not be rescheduled. We infer that the local media, the match Olympiakos 3-0 score will win without fighting.

2015/11/22 20:02:11