After the opening by the home advantage Inter Milan start attacking, Vidic and Ljajic has hit the door was blocked. The first 12 minutes, Hole Shakespeare external long-range wide of the left post. The first 15 minutes, Teles cross-knock, Vidic long-range middle Leali wants. The first 26 minutes, Miranda booked for a foul on Castillo. The first 29 minutes, Ljajic left the restricted area shot saved by Leali flying, Biabiany follow-up tip the ball into the right corner, 1-0! The first 37 minutes, Mello periphery long put anti-aircraft guns. The first 45 minutes, Vidic, after long-range endo Leali low ball fell to the ground saved. Harding Park half, Inter Milan temporary one goal lead.

Easy side battles, the first 51 minutes, Qiao Fani periphery long been Handanovic confiscated. The first 53 minutes, broke into a small area on the left Ljajic cross-knock, Ica Jordi outflank broke, 2-0! The first 60 minutes, pull Nokia replacing Changyouyoudou appearances. The first 68 minutes, Jordi straight Ica, Biabiany into the restricted area low shot into the far corner, the ball fell to the ground by Leali resolved. The first 75 minutes, Ronaldinho closed front Ica curve ball from the center is to give Leali. The first 85 minutes, sent Zhise Ljajic, Vidic, the ball inside the restricted area right foot low shot, Leali again made key saves to defuse the crisis. After 87 minutes, Murillo backcourt steals forward runs, Perisic sent Zhise restricted area, Vidic heel a knock, Murillo to keep up with his right foot hit the door hit, 3-0! The first two minutes of stoppage time, Ljajic frontcourt cross struck find plug, Brozovic, who bow Nock blasts broke, 4-0! Cruised to the final audience, Inter Milan 4-0 Frosinone, one-third of the harvest also boarded the standings.

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