The campaign striker Fernando Torres as a starter. The first seven minutes, Torres shot was rushed, Cork follow tip-break, 1-0! The first nine minutes, Felipe defensive foul booked. The first 12 minutes, Torres along the bottom line after a breakthrough cross-knock, Cork follow tuishe. The first 17 minutes, Gamez external long-range wide of the left post. The first 22 minutes, Torres cross restricted, Gelieziman lob just over the bar. The first 28 minutes, plug Huda external long-range point of view too is being confiscated O'Brien Mubarak. The first 32 minutes, Ndiaye periphery long over the bar. The first 40 minutes, Carrasco corner, Godin header was Adan confiscated. The first 43 minutes, Cork Zhisai Carrasco Tui restricted the right of the ball hit the side-netting. Harding Park half, Atletico temporary one-goal lead on the road.

Easy side battles, Betis with Sebastian slightly Adams replaced Harvey - Torres. The first 58 minutes, plug Huda right foot shot after cutting inside the left side, the ball was flying saved the bottom line O'Brien Mubarak. Subsequent corner defense, Adam and Godin were injured after the collision and had to be replaced, Daniel - Jimenez off the bench. The first 67 minutes, Cork free kick pass to the restricted area, Godin shakes Leipzig top of power failure. The first 71 minutes, Atletico make personnel adjustments. Torres is Bi Yetuo, substituted. The first 73 minutes, plus the formation of single than straight, Gerry Postman into the restricted area, but his shot went so far over the bar. After 1 minute, Gerry Postman into the restricted area and Westerman physical contact occurred after the fall, but the referee did not make representation. The first 80 minutes, Castro defender after wading kicker hit the door slightly higher. The first 84 minutes, Dugad injured can not insist, but Betis has no substitutions at this time, they had 10 men. The first 86 minutes, Felipe frontcourt try long shots, the ball over the bar. The first 88 minutes, after Gerry Postman Road break Tuishe far corner of the penalty area, the ball hit the post bounce. The first 89 minutes, Bi Yetuo, then Gamez cross into the restricted area, but when no play is part of a shot. Since then the two sides no achievements, cruised to the final audience, Atletico Madrid 1-0 victory over Betis, Atletico points ahead of Real Madrid after the win, second in the league standings 

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