efending champion Warriors went away to the Nuggets, Warriors campaign more flowering, the team 12-man rotation, everyone has the score for Houston. Warriors audience are in control of the situation, and finally on the road to 118-105 victory over the Nuggets, ho to take 15-game winning streak, at the same time give the opponent 3-game losing streak.

Nuggets data: Emanuel - Mudi Ai 6 of 21 shots to get 17 points and eight assists, Darrell - Arthur 21 points and eight rebounds, Danilo - Gallinari 4 of 16 shots to get 19 points and 6 rebounds, Gary - Harris 12 points and 3 rebounds; Substitutes: Will - Barton 19 points and 6 rebounds.

Warriors data: - Stephen Curry 19 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds, Klein - Thompson 21 points and seven assists, Bradley Richmond - Green 13 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Harrison - Barnes 17 points and 4 assists, Andrew - Andrew Bogut Special 8 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocked shots; Substitutes: Andre - Iguodala 12 points and 4 assists, Leandro - Barbosa 7 points and 3 assists, Malisse - Speights 4 points, 6 rebounds, Shawn - Livingston 4 points and 3 assists, Festus - Aize Li 4 points and 6 rebounds.

Warriors start to become masters in the game, Bogut scored 4 points in the basket, Curry layup, Bradley Richmond - Green hit three-pointers, the Warriors played 9-3 start. However, sits at home in Denver ensuing counterattack, Gary - Harris scored four points in a row to attack the basket, Gallinari has succeeded, the Nuggets answered with 6-0, the points difference smooth. But once again opened fire after the Warriors, Bogut and then the hook and finish empty dunks, Curry soared in the third and layup, the Warriors played a wave of 9-0, to regain the lead. Nuggets in the second half of this Festival hit rate is not high, the Warriors Yuezhanyueyong Aize Li dunk, Iguodala hit three and CIC, Green also then dropped into a three-pointers, with multi-point Flowering advantages, the Warriors lead to 34-23 with 11 points over the first quarter.

Nuggets bench Barton in the early part of the second quarter in a row to score, and he hit a jumper labeled as 2 + 1, to help the Nuggets the points deficit to single digits. Although the Warriors bench Iguodala and McAdoo were subsequently succeeded, the Warriors once and 10 points ahead, but the Nuggets opened the score mode Arthur later, he hit the third and 2 note in the cast, personal scored seven points to help the Nuggets The point deficit to 4 points. Warriors appeared in the state of ups and downs, a marked decline in hit rate, the Nuggets seize the opportunity to start another offensive chase points, Mudi Ai, Gallinari and Barton have been breakthrough succeeded, the Nuggets play 6-1, the successful go-ahead score, hit parked directly Warriors . However, the Warriors in this section the last two and a half minutes to regain feeling, Klein - Thompson and Harrison - Barnes have been soared in the third, the Warriors shot a wave of 8-0, to regain the lead. Find touch of Clay - Thompson in the first half last one minute and then connect the two three-pointers, the Warriors once again get nine points, but Barton resulting in a foul-thirds in the last attack, his three free throws after, to help the Nuggets At the end of the half to chase the score 58-64.

Curry came in the second half to find touch, he was not even in the 2 note in the cast, to help the Warriors to be widened to double digits. After the cast feel Curry again in the third, Clay - Thompson hit in the cast, Green also soared in the third, more flowering warriors firmly in control of the field situation. The middle of this section, the Warriors hit rate has declined, Mudi Ai scored four points to help the Nuggets to point deficit to six points. However, the Warriors after a brief downturn in this section of the final four minutes to regain feeling, Harrison - Barnes even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Curry and Iguodala hit consecutive three-pointers, the Warriors opened the score again to 91-79 lead 12 minutes into the last one.

Warriors came back in the fourth quarter to maintain a good feel, their lineup more flowers, Barbosa and Iguodala hit a jumper, Clark completed two layup, Speights scored 4 points in the paint, the Warriors played 13-5 ,, extended their lead to 19 points. Nuggets last one bad hit rate, delay back feel. After the veteran warrior Barbosa hit the third, Green layup, the Golden State has acquired more than 20 points lead, the game has no suspense.

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