Germany and the Netherlands originally planned Tuesday night in Hannover in a friendly, but one hour before the game, at the suggestion of the German Football Association interim police decided for safety reasons to cancel the game.

A policewoman in charge of the safety of the game, said: "The competition has been canceled Fans were asked to fast, smooth, do not panic to leave the stadium.." Fans in the stadium to give notice broadcast the game canceled and asked safely evacuated.

According to German media "Bild" reported one hour before the start of the race. Because the police found suspicious items in a certain area of ​​the front court and the regional isolation. According to a subsequent message, on behalf of Hanover police said: "There are signs that someone deliberately wanted to detonate an explosive device in the stadium."

Mayor of Hanover Schostok said: "Safety is the most important issue, which will always cause fears I believe that the police made the right decision if hazardous areas exist, such measures are necessary..."

After the terrorist attacks in Paris takes place outside the Stade de France four days ago, German police in the game to strengthen the security work. In addition, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German politicians executives are planning to watch the game live.

2015/11/18 1:38:07