Although Real Madrid in Saturday's national derby 0-4 at home to score defeat to Barcelona, ​​but the team president Florentino Perez has played everyone wonders how to win back the support of club members plan.

According to the Spanish newspaper "Aspen Daily" reported that the 68-year-old billionaire hopes to regain control over at the Bernabeu stadium, in order to achieve this goal, Lafayette likely mingxia the team first card Ronaldo resale to other teams. Portuguese star in this season's performance is disappointing, but it is generally in the future of his Galacticos worried.

Just Florentino Mendes together and rejected Ronaldo's largest chaser, two days in Paris Saint-Germain team president Nasser Want to apply after the Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to the party. Now, however, Ronaldo left Real Madrid still left open the door. He's a big suitors Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal has said before, the introduction of own C still retain a strong interest in Romania, but they need to face stiff competition from Paris Saint-Germain.

Florentino is planning to hold a club election meeting immediately, to prove himself still has the full confidence of all the important members from the Bernabeu. His current term of office will expire until 2017, and his last two elections in the Chair, are a case in the absence of competitors to win the election.

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2015/11/23 23:45:46