After the home win over the Hawks, the Cavaliers continue to be based at home today ushered in a magic challenge. Carrefour first half, 10 of 14 shots and scored 27 points, so the Knights take the initiative. James Knight in the second half of the series, and gradually extended the lead, and ultimately to 117-103 harvest three-game winning streak.

Rider data: Kevin - Carrefour 34 points and 8 rebounds, 4 assists, LeBron - James 15 points and six rebounds and 13 assists, JR- Smith 26 points and 2 assists, Tristan - Thompson 9 points and 14 rebounds.

Magic Data: Andrew - Nicholson 18 points and eight rebounds, Nikola - Vucevic 12 points and five rebounds, Evan - Fournier 13 points and 1 rebound, Victor - Oladipo 10 points and 3 rebounds, care Baie Si - Harris 9 points and 5 assists.

After Oladipo layup from under the Cavaliers third of the rain: Love and JR- Smith, he has also hit the third, after James also scored 1 goal, let the Cavaliers shot a wave of 9-2 offensive start at home first . Carrefour inside hook shot, leading the Cavaliers have come by double digits. After half of the first quarter, the Cavaliers rotation play, magic seize the opportunity to gradually approached the score: Nicholson counterattack layup, Fournier launched into third. Oladipo backhand break layup buzzer hit the post, the first end of the game, the Cavaliers to 29-27 lead two minutes into the second section of the Magic game.

Section Nicholson enters third, let the Magic to tie the game. Nicholson today from the Magic bench stood out, he not only launched into two three-pointers outside, still inside rebounds succeeded buckle up, easily fetched 10 points. Carrefour stepped in Section II, after playing his first hook inside the network, followed by even 3 three-pointers, to help the team approaching the score. Cunningham not in the third, the first half end of the game, the Cavaliers to 59-55 lead four minutes into the second half of the Magic game. Carrefour first half, 10 of 14 shots and scored 27 points, the performance is very efficient.

Opening the second half both teams with three points: JR- Smith after injection into third, Fournier answered with a record third flew into the net. James the second half increased the personal attack, he scored three times broke into the inside, the continuation of the Knights offensive firepower. Peyton today feel the cold, seven shots all fruitless. After half of the third quarter, JR- Smith launched into the third, the team's lead expanded to 17 points. Carrefour experienced two consecutive fouls, free throws and constantly up points for the team. JR- Smith, not in the third, the third quarter ended, the Cavaliers to 16 points the Magic ahead 92-76 entering the final one of the competition.

James Cunningham then pass the distal third of the incident, he came to the Cavs leading 20 points. Magic does not give up here, Jason - Smith received Napier assists dunks succeeded, Aaron - Gordon also grab rebounds and play up front after scoring. But you come to me to score simply can not effectively narrow the score points difference, with the passage of time, the game has lost its suspense. Ultimately, the Cavaliers to 117-103 harvest three in a row.

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2015/11/23 23:48:40