November 23, fighting back to back Thunder went to Utah Granville challenge Intel Smart Home Arena Arena Jazz comeback campaign Durant 10 of 13 shots and scored 27 points, Westbrook also continued the previous good state, Thunder in the first three quarters will establish a huge lead, two small war only three sections together to cut 47 points, the Thunder away easily beat the Jazz, ushered in two straight.

Sir data: Gordon - Hayward 19 points and 3 rebounds and 4 assists, Derek - Favors 11 points, seven rebounds, Rudy - Goebel 10 points and five rebounds, Rodney - Hood 9 points 2 rebounds and 3 steals, Substitute aspects Alec - Burks 8 points and 3 assists, Trey - Burke 8 points and 4 rebounds.

Thunder data: Kevin - Durant 27 points, six rebounds and four steals, Russell - Westbrook 20 points, seven rebounds and nine assists, Sergio - Ibaka 11 points and four rebounds, Steven - Adams 7 points 2 rebounds and three blocked shots off the bench aspects Anthony - Morrow 15 points and 2 steals, Dieng - Wei Tesi 12 points and six assists, DJ- Augustin 9 points and 3 assists.

Adams dumped succeeded, Westbrook won the free throws, Durant hit a jumper, the Thunder opening darling. Jazz here rely only on technical foul free throws by 1 point, opening will be Thunder wave of attacks hit 7-1. Hood teamed Hayward scored 10 points, hit a layup Neto, the Jazz shot repeatedly while the Thunder do not play back in a wave of offensive opponents 13-2 go-ahead score. Pause over Houdulate time to stand up, foreign investment in sudden scored four points Westbrook also had a good performance, Augustin-third of the net again Thunder go-ahead score. The first section of the end, Du Late shooting foul again get three points, the first section scored 12 points, Thunder 23-20 lead.

Section between the rest back into the bag Burke thirds Jazz head start. Thunder off in the next offensive frenzy, Morrow, Augustin has three points into the bag, West break layup, the Thunder opened the score instantly. Although Sir thereafter gradually recovered some of the state, Hayward and Favors are able to score, but five people have no choice but to play the Thunder play, Durant is feeling hot, shooting frequently hit, opened the points difference to 10 or more points. Halftime 6-7 Durant scored 18 points, Thunder 63-46 big lead.

Easy side battles, inside the Jazz began to force, Goebbels and Favors are able to get points in the paint, the Thunder here rely less double play to score points difference is always maintained at 10 points or more. The middle section, Hood scored four points, Thunder was forced to call for pause, after adjusting for double less begin to exert, Durant dropped 3 points, Adams received two alley-oop assists, Westbrook scored the Thunder will be widened to 20 or more points. In addition to the jazz side of Hayward, others are brought back feel. Thunder 88-68 lead after three quarters 20 points.

Distal game, Ibaka opening scored 5 points, Thunder head start. Burke-third of the net, the Jazz in the distal 9 minutes into the game finally score. Both sides began to exchange that for some time, but the Thunder obviously violent fire, the first five minutes Ibaka scored 7 points, Morrow hit the game's second 3 points, the Thunder down the points difference widened to 25 points, suspended After the war both sides put on the bench, Wei Tesi icing on the cake hit three points, the game this conclusion, the final thunder away victory over rivals.

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