The game was Benitez rotation multiple locations, Pepe starter and wear the captain's armband, Casilla played Champions League debut. Within the first two minutes, Modric oblique plug, C Ronaldo got the ball tuishe restricted area. The first 18 minutes, Modric sent outside the instep overheads, Bell restricted area on the left cross struck volley, after a small angle C Ronaldo headed home, 1-0! The first 20 minutes, C Ronaldo left any ball high. The first 30 minutes, Bell crosses C Ronaldo after nodding the ball was Pyatov. The first 32 minutes, Guevara within the injured can not insist, Danilo bench, Nacho reform to play halfback. Before the end of the first half, Real Madrid corner to create a threat, Bell small frontier closed roof height. Harding Park half, Real Madrid one goal lead Shakhtar Donetsk.

Easy side battles, the first 48 minutes, Carbajal Fanqiang down Teixeira booked. The first 50 minutes, C Ronaldo offside restricted the right of cross-knock reached after Modric plug homeopathic Tuishe 2-0! The first 52 minutes, C Ronaldo inside the penalty area allocated Carvajal, who had lost Azevedo Chuandang left foot rub shot after more than a fly ball over the head Pyatov net nest, 3-0! This is the Champions League Carvajal ball at the child. The first 55 minutes, Azevedo put a cross in, Granada Durkee leaping header wide. The first 62 minutes, Isco passing the frontier closed area freehand, C Ronaldo to keep up with the explosion Shepian out. The first 69 minutes, Tyson periphery long slightly higher. The first 71 minutes, Bell midfielder left the restricted area after the long-range raid to pass the ball low and flat, C Ronaldo outflanking hit the door, although the defender denied, but he then tip the net, 4-0! The first 75 minutes, the restricted area of ​​physical contact with Tyson after Casemiro fall, the referee decisive penalty kick, kick Teixeira overnight, 4-1! The first 82 minutes, the miners out of the corner, Deng Coutinho physically block the ball into the goal, 4-2! The first 87 minutes, Danilo tipped Bernard booked. The first 88 minutes, closed the left cross knock Tyson, Road unguarded Teixeira Tui again recovered a ball, 4-3! Thereafter Real Madrid players united preserve the clean sheet, and ultimately the audience cruised Real Madrid 4-3 away to FC Shakhtar Donetsk narrowly, to win the top the group while also locking.

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