The game Juve Hernanes absent, Allegri discharge three-guard. Manchester City Kompany, Silva same can not play because of injury, Aguero sits up front. Manchester City before the game has been ahead of qualifying, the field if they can win is to lock the group, while Juventus will need to be at home a try. After opening the two sides into the state soon, the first five minutes of the closed top Fernandinho sudden long-range kicker, the ball touching the column wide. The first 16 minutes, De Bruyne pass in the left foot plug Fernandinho burst shot over the bar. After 18 minutes, Boba sub-side, Sandro cross from the left, Man Zhu Keech rid Otamendi defensive record Dianshe volley ball kick a goal net, 1-0! The first 28 minutes, Lichtsteiner cross from the right, within the restricted area Man Zhu Keech turned and hit the door was kicked Hart flying saved. Manchester City came from behind to increase the intensity of the attack, Yaya Toure continuous long shots but could not hit the target. The first 35 minutes, Fernandinho tipped Marchisio booked. The first 42 minutes, Juventus fast attack, Lichtsteiner rounded out the restricted area small-angle shot was Hart attack to resolve. The first half last moment, Marchisio back transfer ceremony, Aguero obtain single-handedly opportunities, but Buffon sealed in time to attack angle defuse dangerous situations. The first half ended, Juventus temporary one goal lead Manchester City.

During the break neither substitutions adjustments. The first 53 minutes, Manchester City won the corner kick opportunities, Toure close Chan She was hugged Buffon. The first 55 minutes, replaced goal hero Morata bench Man Zhu Keech. Just kill the debut of Morata front, the face of attack lob Hart missed a note, Diba La blank range to keep the ball hit the post. The first 60 minutes, Manchester City to make adjustments, Deer Fu replaced Fernandinho. Housitelin debut soon replaced Aguero. The first 69 minutes, Sarnia tipped Di Bala booked, Navas harvested same dissatisfaction with the referee yellow card. The first 77 minutes, Patrice Evra replaced Sandro debut. Juve then get the opportunity again, after Morata had lost consecutive Hart back foot shot was blocked. Then De Bruyne cross in front, close to touching the column wide shovel, Manchester City missed opportunities. The first 81 minutes, Joe Hart is Kaliewaluo replaced, Cuadrado replaced Di Bala, both exhausted substitutions. The final stage of the field is still a lot of opportunity, but the two sides failed to score, the final end of the game, Juventus 1-0 Manchester City this season, the Champions League double play opponents.

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2015/11/25 21:17:43