Arrow team sits at home battles Grizzlies - James Harden scored 21 points halftime, scored 40 points still difficult Savior, the Grizzlies scored in double figures six people firmly hold the advantage until the end. In the end, away from home to beat the Grizzlies 102-93 Houston.

Rocket Data: James - Harden scored 40 points, five rebounds, five assists and three steals, Dwight - Howard 12 points and five rebounds, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 8 points and 12 rebounds, Jason - Terry 13 points 2 rebounds. Substitute side, Clint - Capella 6 points 2 rebounds and 3 blocked shots.

Grizzlies data: Jeff - Green 20 points and seven rebounds, Mark - Pau Gasol 11 points and seven rebounds, Mike - Conley 19 points and five assists, Matt - Barnes 13 points and eight rebounds. Substitute aspects, Courtney - Lee 17 points and 2 assists.

The opportunity to start to create the Rockets are still many, many times but failed to hit the export vacancy chance shots, which also led the team start lagging behind. Harden is the best player rocket start, his third goal to help the team open up the situation. Grizzlies here quite satisfactory performance, the start will be more mistakes, but they changed the past positional warfare attack, constantly lead the fast break, Barnes counterattack hit the third, Gasol and Green after another score, the Grizzlies rely on fast-break lead. Pause after returning Grizzlies make persistent efforts, runaway Conley scored 9 points, including a beautiful 2 + 1, the Grizzlies opened the score success. The key moment Harden third save the crisis, with the fast counter-attack once Houha Deng tied the score. The last paragraph of the Grizzlies rely Jiemaikeer - Green's dunk to regain the lead. Half of Harding Park, along with Beverly ultra-long rush shots, the Rockets to a 24-28 end of the first section of the contest.

Second section back, the Rockets start again the ball dropped, before the team 3 minutes 40 seconds in only rely on Thornton's shooting to get 2 points, the Grizzlies here rely on consecutive screens get open on the perimeter, Courtney - Lee hit consecutive shots to help the team to establish a 12-point lead. The key moment of the Rockets finally found the feeling, Howard hit the basket consecutive goals, of which there are one after Jones pass dunk to empty, Terry also hit three goals in succession outside, with Harden's rapid counterattack layup and dry outside of the pull-third, the Rockets once go-ahead score. Grizzlies last paragraph to regain control of the situation, Conley labeled key 2 + 1, Barnes hit the third. The last attack, Harden slightly outside the ball hit the difficult step on the line long shot before the whistle, the Rockets also with this in mind magical goal to end the second quarter 53-56.

Easy side battles, the Grizzlies start to feel pretty good, they first four shots all labeled, especially Jeff - Green 2 + 1 two very gains gas. During the same show a fiery rocket state, Harden continuation of the first half of the state, start to take the lead reached the basket layup, then hit a beautiful 3 + 1, in his rocket will be worse once led down to 2 points. The key moment is always a way to break into the Grizzlies scored, Barnes quickly unguarded easy layup, Gasol turned back to escape the attack of the opponent than direct layup, the Grizzlies opened the score again. Although the Rockets never been able to reverse the score, but they still have a good effect counterattack, Capella then Thornton hit the ball directly dunks succeeded, Harden made two free throws in the last paragraph of fouls, three cruised the Rockets to 77- 82 with a 5-point deficit entering the fourth quarter.

IV rocket feel completely lost in the first 10 minutes they turned a record warfare goals are not, rely on free throws to get 8 points barely catch up with the score. Grizzlies continue to maintain a good state, Courtney - Lee in the distance as precise as GPS installed outside Jia Kangli third goal, the Grizzlies once the points difference widened to 13 points. Terry Brewer's two three-pointers and the Rockets hope to see, but this is only their short-lived, then they all fall offensive and defensive ends, the outstanding performance of the Grizzlies beat the Rockets 102-93 to win the final victory.

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